How To Choose The Right Drill Bit

Any home repair or construction project will most likely require the use of a drill. In fact, the most common home maintenance tasks that require a power drill include:

·    Hanging Pictures

·    Installing a New Lock

·    Securing Doors

·    Replacing Fixtures

·    Constructing Patio

All of these projects become incredibly easy when you own a power drill or hire a handyman in southfield, mi. However, the problem for most homeowners is knowing which drill bit is suitable for a particular material.

Drill bits come in many sizes and shapes to serve a variety of repair and maintenance purposes. Consider the following guide if you need to know how to choose the right drill bit for your home project!


Drill bits for wood are created with a pointed tip and a cutting edge. They are made from tough steel that can effortlessly bore through wood without splintering the entire component.


Metal drill bits are a little different in that they have an extra component added that makes them super durable when drilling metal. They have a cutting edge similar to those used for wood, but an added feature called a “cobalt steel” that helps the drill bit last longer.


Glass is the trickiest material to work with when it comes to choosing a drill bit. Due to its delicate nature, glass requires a drill bit that is fast enough to get the job done but still dull enough to prevent shattering of the glass.

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Like with metal, concrete requires a drill bit that is durable enough to stand up to the job. The difference is that concrete requires a drill bit that is made of diamond-tipped steel, which is one of the strongest and most durable substances on the planet.